Dagger Challenge Teams

Team Irish Stew;
3/361 CS/CSS
3/361 CS/CSS
CPT Mullaney Just a little further
CPT Jaspers I’m so happy I could Poop!
CPT Robinson An MRE heater doesn’t add much weight!
CPT Tashea I got my best military training when I was a boy scout.

Recent Events: 
First team to check in at CP3 at 0:56!
Passes through CP11; loses time to Desk Jockeys
Improves to 4th Place at CP14

Team Bio: Team Irish Stew is a true reflection of the joint component nature of the 91st Division with one active duty soldier and three reserve soldiers.  The team has been training hard for the past couple of months with long runs, longer ruck marches, climbing, spinning, canoeing, land navigation, and the leadership reaction course.  We’ve worked through several pairs of boots, blisters, raw spots and early mornings.  We have come together as a team and as friends and if nothing else, have improved our APFT scores.