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New Year's Day
2 3

In January: Viet Cong & Saigon Gov'n. join in peace talks (1969)
5 6
Communists capture Phuoc Long Province (1975)
7 8 9 10
In Jan.; for 6 mo.: Nixon & H. R. Perot conduct secret talks on POW & MIA's (1969)
12 13 14 15 16 17
In Jan.; for 5 mo.: Saigon launches major offensive against NVA & VC (1974)
Martin Luther King's Birthday (observed)
Battle of Khe Sanh begins: (Hill #861) (77 days) (1968)
21 22 23 
The USS Pueblo is siezed by North Koreans (1968)
In Jan.; for 4 mo.: The NLF, PAVN and VC crush Saigon's Army (1975)
26 27 
Paris Peace Agreement signed - N. Vietnam & U.S. (1973) U.S. Draft ends (1973)
N. Vietnam demands U.S. stop bombing for peace talks to begin (1967)
29 30 
"The TET Offensive" begins: N. Vietnam attacks U.S. bases & 110+ towns (1968)
Pres. Johnson resumes bombing north of the DMZ (1966)

Nixon's end of the war speech. (short version)
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A Prayer for the New Year


Eternal God, we lift up our prayers to you
as we stand in the shadows of the waning year.
We are aware, once more, of the fleetingness of time,
the transience of our being.


So much has happened to us during the year past.
So much hurt and happiness, of loss and gain, of hope and fear.


We did not expect the sorrow that was thrust upon us,
or the events that changed us.


We look back now and remember -
Did we live up to what was expected of us?
Did we answer the call to love when it was issued?
Did we shine light when others we engulfed in darkness?


The question both affirm us and condemn us,
but now we have a new chance.
And so, empower us to look forward
to the possiblities of new hope and service.


Empower us to see with the eyes of faith
the world as it is,
so that with the hands of love we may dress its wounds
and redress its sorrows.


(Author Unknown)

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