Sunbury Broadcasting Corporation

COMBO WKOK/WQKX - Rate Card #2

Effective 08/01/96 / All rates NET to station.


Combination rates are subject to time and availability. Schedules, copy and /or co-op must be identical. Rates apply to equal frequency purchases on both stations.

Grid #3 rates require a minimum 90 day firm schedule submitted at time of order. Available only in advance of the starting month. Cancellations revert to then current grid.

All announcements are sold as units. A unit may not exceed sixty seconds in length.

Announcements are sold on the basis of 5 AM to 8 PM distribution.

For custom daypart distribution, add $1.00 per announcement per station, $1.50 combo.

M To F rates require equal Monday to Friday scheduling.


S/M/T = Saturday/Monday/Tuesday

W/T/F = Wednesday/Thursday/Friday

M To F = Monday To Friday

Su/Nite = Sunday or Nights

5X = 5 To 20 ~ 21 X = 21 To 40 ~ 40+ X = 41 Or More Announcements

41X = 41 To 70 ~ 70 + X = 71 Or More Announcements