Hello dare. I'm No Bell Pizza Prize winner Chef Al K Seltzer. You might know me from the "Show in the Morning" on 107.3 WKOK. Here are a few of my favorites from my new book "That's Inedible." Look for it at the bad book stores everywhere!
From page 24

1 Ram (a male sheep)
1 Little Lamb
Cream Filled Chocolate Cupcakes (Ding Dongs)
Slice the Ram and Lamb in a Roasting Pan, and roast them until they nearly explode. Then add the Ding Dongs.

When your finished you have "Bomp in the Bomp Sha Bomp, Ram a Lamb and Ding Dongs!"

From page 56 (One of my favorite ways to prepare Shark)

1 Egg
1 Cup of Flour
3 Cups of Corn Flakes Cereal
You will make a coating using the Corn Flakes cereal. You may have done this before with chicken. Just do the same thing. Then lightly fry and bake the dish.
It's not Baked or Breaded Shark. I call it Cereal Killer!

You will also find in my book a list of 5 restaurants you don't want to visit!

5. Laurel and Hardees - the fat guy eats everything, and it takes forever to get a burger.
4. Porky's and Porky's two
3. Lone Star Steak Out - they have undercover Food Police, and if you exceed 2,000 calories they confiscate your plate.
2. This place features Oriental Veggies with Frankfurters, It's Wok Your Dog.
1. Pizza Garage - they'll fix your pizza, but you have to leave it 3 days!

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