Secret Celebrity - Win Free Money with the Secret Celebrity Contest. Listen for clues to the Secret Celebrity Monday through Friday. Then be the 10th caller at 1-800-795-WKOK during the "Radio Ride Home" Friday at 4:35 to make a guess. Guess correctly and win Free Money. If you're wrong we'll roll the money over to the next week. This week's Secret Celebrity is worth $321!!!!

West Coast Video/WKOK Screen Test - Listen weekday mornings to the "Show in the Morning" for a movie clip. Name the movie to win a West Coast Video prize pack including a free movie rental from West Coast Video in Sunbury, Lewisburg, and Lock Haven.

Durdach Brothers' Sports Trivia - Rob Senter on the "Radio Ride Home" tests your sports knowledge with a sports trivia question weekday afternoons at 3:35. This month listen to win a Coors Light Baseball or Softball T-shirt from Durdach Brothers, Inc. and 107.3 WKOK.