Riffs (Rifs) n. - 1. Jazz a constantly repeated musical phrase used esp. as background for a soloist or as the basic theme of a final chorus. 2. One of seven different parts from songs put together to make you money.

The Pepsi/Mountain Dew Radical Riffs are back! When 94KX debuts a new set of Riffs on the "Breakfast Show with Morgan" caller seven will instantly grab a 12-pack of Mountain Dew, and get a chance to guess all seven artists and song titles. If you can guess them correctly it's an instant $1000! Should you miss any of the Riffs, we'll give another chance later on in the day worth $94 to the caller with all seven artists and titles correct. We'll keep playing the same set of Riffs until we get a winner. After that, it's back to a chance at $1000 with a new set of Radical Riffs on the "Breakfast Show." Listen for the times we'll play the Radical Riffs (we'll give you a one hour window). It doesn't get much easier to win KX Kash from Pepsi, Mountain Dew, and 94-1 WQKX. Remember one winner per household every thirty days, please.