Do you think you know your movie, television and musical celebrities? Well, 107.3 WKOK wants to test your knowledge. Every Monday morning with the "Show in the Morning," we'll debut a new "Secret Celebrity." Then all week each of your favorite KO Personalities will give you an audio clue to help you identify the Secret Celebrity. Collect clues all week long. Friday afternoon at 4:35 Rob Senter on the "Radio Ride Home" will have a chance for you to win. Rob will give the tenth caller a chance to guess the Secret Celebrity. If that caller answers correctly, they'll win $107 instantly. If the answer is incorrect we'll roll the money over to the next week. That week's NEW Secret Celebrity would be worth $214. We'll continue to roll the money over until we get a winner, then we'll go back to $107. Listen for clues to the Secret Celebrity beginning with the "Show in the Morning" Monday morning and all week long. Friday, Rob Senter on the "Radio Ride Home" might just make you a winner of some FREE MONEY from 107.3 WKOK.
Remember one winner per household every thirty days, please.