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JULY 2006

 The next reunion of the NATIONAL DUSTER QUAD SEARCHLIGHT ASSOCIATION (with VULCAN and HAWK) Vietnam service.
5-9 July 2006 in Charleston, SC.
Email Garo Puro at [email protected] for reunion updates and newsletter


July 22, 2006, Viet nam Living History Day at the Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) Museum and Library in Bloomfield, MO.
The Stars and Stripes newspaper was first published in Bloomfield during the Civil War. Vietnam Living History Day is being held to bring together veterans of America's longest war in a day of remembrance and comradery for those who served. It is also a day to educate younger generations about that war and those who served. Along with other events, a presentation of the Order of the Silver Rose will be made to veterans suffering from one of the 43 diseases associated with exposure to Agent Orange. Please call the Stars and Stripes museum at (573)568-2055 for more information.

SEP 2007

3rd Marine Division, 1st Amtrac Battalion, Bravo Co, 4th Platoon. Vietnam '66-'67 Quang Tri Provence, Con Thien and Mouth of Cua Viet River.

September 14-17, 2006. Onslow Beach, Camp Lejeune NC. 
Contact Lonny M. Livingston, [email protected] or call 817-909-5519 for more information.  Semper Fi


OCT 2007

Plans have been made to host a Reunion of USAF Hospital Clark personnel assigned to the Hospital Squadron during the Vietnam years from 1964 through Operation Homecoming of 1973, when our POWs were released by the North Vietnamese. USAF Hospital Clark was the POWs first Freedom Stop, and their first opportunity for western medical care except for the medical attention they received aboard the 141 Starlifters from the Med Evac crews who accompanied them to freedom.
The reunion event is scheduled for October 25 through 28, 2007, at the American Airlines Training and Conference Center in Dallas, Texas. The reason for the reunion date being so far in advance is to locate as many of  the Clark personnel and the POWs that came through Clark as we can.  
Anyone interested in attending, want more information, or will help locate the Clark personnel and the POWs that came through Clark can contact any of the following persons:

Capt. Donna DeWildt, USAF Retired (603-433-1163)
[email protected]
CMSGT Bonnie Cooper, USAF Retired (210-520-5580)[email protected] or [email protected]
Cathy and Cris Sheets, Former Clark Dental Tech (724-495-6318)[email protected]


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