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Bible Reading Overview

The purpose of this outline is to provide a method of studying the whole Bible in increasing detail. The plan is to break the Bible into six pieces chronologically. Each piece could be read in 2-3 months, or the whole Bible in one or two years, but any regular reading schedule is great.

If you are interested in formal, academic study by correspondence or email, you may use this plan to read both the Bible and the Bible Knowledge Commentary in conjunction with the course BIBLE SURVEY offered (tuition free) by the Disciples' Institute of Biblical Studies (12 credits). The Bible Knowledge Commentary is a two-volume work covering the entire Bible. It has been authored by the faculty of Dallas Theological Seminary. Although I do not hold the same theological position as that school, I find this commentary to be very helpful, complete, and balanced. Some differences of opinion are pointed out in my Study Guides.

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You may request me as your mentor for this course when you apply to DIBS. You may obtain the commentaries from any source and still take the Bible Survey course for free.

Each of the six main sections here is linked to an overview in chart format and a fairly detailed study guide. The study guide gives the pronounciation of difficult names, notes on the Bible text, and notes on the Bible Knowledge Commentary text. It will be useful even without the commentary, although the commentary is an excellent one for detailed study of the Bible.


1. Creation to the Exodus and Wanderings

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Includes God's creation of the Earth and man, the descent of man from Adam through the flood in Noah's time, God calling out of a family through Abraham, the growth of this family in Egypt, the Exodus from Egypt, and preparations for entering the Promised Land.

2. History of Israel

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From conquest of the Promised land through transistion to Kingship under the LORD, the division of the Kingdom into Northern and Southern Kingdoms, to the fall of the Kingdoms and Exile, and return to the land.

3. Poetry and Wisdom

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The poetry of Psalms and Songs, deep thinking and searching of Job and Ecclesiastes, and practical wisdom of Proverbs.

4. Prophecy

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During the history of Israel (block 2 above), God spoke to Israel through chosen prophets. They preached and acted against moral and spiritual injustice, often performing miracles or describing the future plans of God. Four Major and Twelve Minor prophets are included.

5. Jesus and the Apostles

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After years of silence, John the Baptist appears as a prophet. The Messiah, Jesus, lives, dies, and rises from the dead. The Gospel spreads to the Gentile world and it's teachings are expounded. The accounts of Jesus life and teachings and the early history of the church.

6. Early Church Letters

[Chart Outline ] [Study Guide Completed 17 Jan 98 ]
The Apostles defined the new faith through letters to the scattered churches. A final letter, the Revelation, is a prophecy of the end times.

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