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These are my personal recommendations on commentaries on particular books of the Bible. For whole Bible or Testament commentaries, see the Bible Survey page.

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Bible Commentaries

Subject Book Data Short Comments
Genesis BUY The Genesis Record (A Scientific and Devotional Commentary) for $20.99 (List 29.99)
by Henry M. Morris
ISBN 0801060044
Hard Back, 716 pages
This is a very conservative commentary. If you are looking for an adequate defense of the historical truth of Book of Genesis, and an analysis of the leading interpretations of each passage, this is an excellent guide. It is primarily a 'technical' commentary, in that it fully explains what the Bible says and means. Perhaps 10% of the commentary is devoted to life applications for today.
Psalms Everyman's Bible Commentary on the PSALMS by Robert L. Alden
BUY Vol 1 - Songs of Devotion $10.84
BUY Vol 2 - Songs of Dedication $10.84
BUY Vol 3 - Songs of Discipline $10.84
Vol 1 - ISBN 0802420184, Soft Cover, 124 pages
Vol 2 - ISBN 0802420192, Soft Cover, 124 pages
Vol 3 - ISBN 0802420206, Soft Cover, 112 pages
This is excellent as both a technical and devotional commentary. Each volume covers 50 Psalms. I have used this set to prepare Adult Sunday School lessons on the Psalms. There are features of the Psalms such as Hebrew arrangements and poetic devices that show the logical structure and meaning, which we cannot know from the English alone. The author points these out, and after knowing them they become obvious even in English. I am buying a set for my Pastor, as he has borrowed these from me several times!!!
New Testament Series John MacArthur New Testament Commentary (By Book)
SEE Listing By Book
I use this series for my own study when teaching a class on a book. Each volume is a comprehensive study of a Bible Book. They are good for both interpretation (what the Bible says) and application (how to do what the Bible says). These prices are a little less than the CBD prices.
Revelation BUY Revelation (Bible Study Commentary) Back Order
by Alan F. Johnson (Wheaton College)
ISBN 0310451736
Soft Cover, 220 pages
This is an exegetical commentary which interprets the book rather than apply it to our lives. It takes a futuristic view, that the events (after the opening seven letters to the churches) have not yet occurred. However, it does deal with the historical background of the first century and how those events relate to the future events being revealed. It is very matter of fact, it does not exaggerate or attempt to read modern day events into the book.
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