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These books will provide you with a good working knowledge of Christian beliefs based on the Bible. A free college level course is built around some of them. The books used at the Disciples' Institute of Biblical Studies are indicated with "DIBS" next to them. The only costs associated with DIBS are the purchase of books (from any source) and of corresponding via e-mail or snail mail.

Of course, you can use these books for your own personal study, or to read about an area of doctrine (such as the end times) that you are interested in.

Subject Book Data Short Comments
Doctrine BUY Know What You Believe for $7.99 (List $9.99)
by Paul E. Little
ISBN 0896930459
Soft Cover, 139 pages
A great first book to read on the beliefs of born-again Christians. Using the New International Version of the Bible, Mr. Little shows where these beliefs are found in the Bible. The book avoids beliefs distinctive to any particular Church or denomination, and is geared for ALL believers.
DIBS Bible Doctrines BUY What the Faith is All About for $? (backorders)
by Elmer L. Towns
ISBN 0842378707
Written by a prolific author in layman's terms, this is the first book to read in the DIBS Bible Survey Course. If you can't obtain it from this link, email DIBS for a copy when you start the course. Although it is not the most accurate, it is a good overview and is easily understandable. There is a Study Guide available from DIBS that will point out what we consider minor errors of doctrine, which are not only in this book but widely assumed and taught in many churches.
DIBS Bible Doctrines BUY Basic Theology for $19.59 (List $27.99)
by Charles C. Ryrie
ISBN 089693814X
Hard Back, 544 pages
Written by a leading Bible scholar from Dallas Theological Seminary, this is a clear and logical presentation of the beliefs of conservative Christians. I can find no better guide to Bible Doctrines written at the introductory college level. It is an excellent resource for preparing lessons, as the small chapters each contain enough information to prepare one adult Sunday School lesson.
DIBS Bible Doctrines BUY Lectures in Systematic Theology for $18.90 (List $27.00)
by Henry Clarence Thiessen
ISBN 0802835295
Hard Back, 454 pages
A good book for discussions of Bible Doctrines at the introductory college level. In DIBS, this book is read with Ryrie's Basic Theology, and the two complement each other well. If you are not taking the course, and are only going to buy one book, buy the Ryrie for a more complete and systematic coverage of topics.
End Times BUY The Pre-Wrath Rapture of the Church for $12.79 (List 15.99)
Marvin Rosenthall
ISBN 0840731604
Soft Cover, 319 pages
From a respected missions director, this book offers a well reasoned but controversial look at the end times. If you question the traditional views of the Tribulation, this is a good book to read. Mr Rosenthall holds to all of the fundamentals of the Christian faith, and even if you do not agree with all of his conclusions, you will learn a lot about what the Bible says about end time events.
Systematic Theology BUY Systematic Theology (in Three Volumes) for $70 (List $100)
by Charles Hodge
ISBN 0802881351
Hard Back, 648 + 732 + 880 pages
This is the most extensive theology from the REFORMED perspective in fairly recent times. Written by Charles Hodge, a professor at Princeton in the early 1900's, it is a scholarly presentation of the historic Christian faith. If you are looking for a deep analysis of doctrine, with consideration of the alternatives from the history of the church (Catholic, Orthodox and early liberal theology) this is the book. Written at a Graduate School level, I do not recommend it before studying college level theology. At least read Ryrie's Basic Theology above. For really comprehensive study, this is the book.

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