Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc.

Officer & Advisor Photo Page


Michael Milne

National Commander


Michael Milne
805 South Township Boulevard
Pittston, PA  18640-3327

Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc. 1980- present

When a, group of Vietnam, veterans met in 1978 to talk about their common
experiences, it became apparent that they shared more than just the fact
that they were veterans.

They all seemed to suffering from their war- time experiences - whether through unusual health problems, unusual mental problems, difficult dealings with the-Veterans Administration, disrespectful attitudes from those who had served during other eras, as well as the difficulty of fitting in with a society which had. not yet come to understand the uniqueness of
being ."Vietnam veterans".

This small group decided that an organization with a focus on the problems of Vietnam veterans would serve to fill a much-needed gap in society, so the task of forming an organization began.

In 1980, at the age of 35, I became 100% disabled. This was, in itself
very difficult to deal with, and the fact that there were other veterans
out there experiencing some of the same difficulties, gave me the focus for my time and energies - my employer as well as the VA said I could no longer perform any worthwhile functions. Since everyone else in the small group
was still fortunate to be employed, I was the only one with the time
available to get this operation started.

From the incorporation of what was expected to become just a local
organization, to the now international organization that the Veterans of the
Vietnam War, Inc. was to become, I have been involved with veterans and
our issues.

Experience has been the best teacher to get accomplished what was
needed, and it makes it possible to feel a great sense of accomplishment
when I can help a veteran, the spouse of a deceased veteran, a child of a veteran or an incarcerated veteran get what they have earned.
I have served as the Executive Director of the Veterans of the Vietnam War,
Inc. from its beginning days and will continue in the position as long as
the National Board of Directors feels that I am making a viable contribution to the issues and needs of veterans and their families or until my disabilities prevent me from continuing.

The expertise I have developed through experience in the areas of Agent Orange, POW/MIAs, PTSD, and incarcerated veterans has made it possible to lead a small beginning organization to the position it holds.
I am privileged to be associated with the Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc. whose motto is - "Service Without Reward - Dedication to Brotherhood."






John Nevelino
National Vice Commander
National Board Member


Richard M. Schlude

(Photo Unavailable)


Born & raised in Wilkes-Barre, PA

Graduate of Hanover High School
Kings College, Wilkes-Barre, PA

Served in the US Army 1967-1970
Served in the First Signal Brigade, Vietnam 1969-1970

Life Member of American Legion
Life Member of VFW
Life Member of VVnW

National Treasurer VVnW 1981-1996; 1998- present

Self-employed- Richard M Schlude EA (enrolled agent) Tax and Accounting Services

Married to the former Dawn C. Jones 
2 children - Richard Schlude
                       Kimberly Morales

Michael Ackerfeld

National Master Sgt.-At-Arms
Veteran Service Officer (VSO)


Michael Ackerfeld

Sergeant, US Army 1969 - 1975
Vietnam, 1969-1970
198th L.I.B. 23rd Infantry Division
"The Americal Division"
LZ Bayonet

National Defense Service Medal
Vietnam Service Medal W/Four Bronze Stars
Vietnam Campaign Medal W/160 Device
The Army Commendation Medal
The Army Good Conduct Medal
The Army Meritorious Unit Commendation
The Vietnam Cross of Gallantry W/Palm Leaf
The New York State Conspicuous Cross
Two Army Overseas Bar

Nancy Verespy

National Executive Director


As the National Executive Director of the Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc. (VVnW), my duties cover a wide range of areas. With this position comes a seat as a Board Member on the National Board of Directors of the VVnW, Inc.

The position brings with it the overall responsibility for every program and project of the organization and requires a close working relationship with each of the other eight board members, the commanders of all the posts, the state commanders, the program directors, advisors and the National Members-at-Large.

Since the programs and projects of the VVnW are so varied so are the responsibilities of the National Executive Director. General information about some of the duties follows:

Veterans Service Officer After completion of the Veterans Service Officer (VSO) training provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA), I received official accreditation as a VSO for the VVnW, Inc.

In this position I advise and assist veterans or their beneficiaries in presenting claims for benefits under Federal, State or local laws and work in cooperation with the DVA, other governmental agencies, and other VSOs.

Secretary to the National Board of Directors � Since I am most aware of the day-to-day activities, problems and challenges within the National Headquarters, serving as the Secretary to the National Board of Directors and taking the minutes of the six yearly meetings, comes as a logical duty. Since I am aware of the daily operations I am able to assist the National Commander in his preparations for the meetings and insure that all of the items that come into the office are directed to the proper individual(s) and then given consideration and discussion time at the board meeting.

National Convention � I work with the National Convention Committee to select a site, negotiate a hotel contract, negotiate the band contract, prepare the tentative agenda and arrange for program presentations and other speakers.

National Elections � With a committee, I prepare the notification of upcoming open board positions, request letters of intent, DD-214s, and resumes from those interested in running for the positions and then prepare and send out all ballots to each member for voting. Ballots are returned to an independent office for tabulation and results are announced at the National Convention.

Accounting � I maintain the multiple checking accounts for the VVnW, Inc. and prepare and make all bank deposits.

In addition to the manual preparation of these records, I am responsible for the actual input of all data into the Real World Accounting System, the reconciliation of each of the accounts and the distribution of this information to the National Treasurer, Accountant and Auditors upon request. I also provide the presentation of all records for the Auditors at the end of each Fiscal Year.

Membership � On a daily basis I maintain the membership database for the VVnW, which requires the physical input of each application, the issuance of membership cards, the issuance of renewal notices, contact with all posts on a continuing basis, and the preparation of the necessary paperwork sent to those interested in starting a new post.

I maintain on-going contact with Post Commanders and provide the continually changing, updated information to all National Board Members and Program Directors as well as to the Membership Committee members.

Fund-Raising � I work closely with the National Commander, the staff of the fund-raising consultants and those involved with the projects being presented through the direct-mail program to be sure of the accuracy of the information being shared.


  • Agent Orange � I work closely with the National Veterans Services Fund and its directors to get and distribute the most current information on Agent Orange, its health effects and now also to include the health problems being experienced by Persian Gulf Veterans. 

  • Bylaws � I forward all questions regarding the National Bylaws to the Bylaws Committee for review and presentation to the National Board of Directors for approval or disapproval. 

  • Education � I work closely with the Education Program Director in distributing to and getting information from posts as to how they educate the students in their areas in relation to Vietnam and its veterans.

  • Homeless Veterans � I work closely with the Homeless Veterans Program Director as well as with the President of the United Veterans Beacon House (UVBH) in Akron, Pennsylvania to determine their needs, how well they are functioning and continually try to establish involvement in other similar projects through the country.

  • Incarcerated Veterans � I work closely with the Program Director and maintain all incarcerated veteran posts� membership. I answer their questions regarding their eligibility for benefits, etc. and make arrangements for visits to whatever facilities are open to those visits.

  • Legal Advisor � I work closely with our attorney and get legal interpretations from him whenever necessary.

  • Paraphernalia � I order all of the stock for the paraphernalia program and oversee the input, order fulfillment and maintenance of the items by an assistant.

  • POW/MIA � I work closely with the POW/MIA Program Directors to distribute the most current information on the status of the full accounting for the POW/MIAs from all wars.

  • Webmaster � I work closely with the Webmaster on constantly updating the Website information and developing new ways to bring the message of the VVnW to the public.

I coordinate programming plans and computer projects with our computer advisor to constantly enhance the computer systems within the National Headquarters.

Veteran Leader Newsletter I work closely with the Editor to select information and ads to be presented in the Veteran Leader. I then type, edit and print all information to be used in the issue and finally I prepare the mailing labels, zip code counts and mailing instructions for bulk mail and work closely with the printer in the production of each issue.

War on Drugs/Gang Suppression � Working closely with the Program Director, we are re-establishing this program with an emphasis on veterans protecting their own countries through a national awareness program on the dangers of drugs and gangs.

Miscellaneous activities - While answering the telephones at National Headquarters may not seem like a major job duty, at the VVnW the phones are sometimes the only way that a veteran can get the help he or she needs with many different and unique problems, and the calls are sometimes non-stop. The help we provide is very valuable to the veteran and sometimes requires a great deal of patience and research. Referrals are made to the DVA, a VSO, local Veterans Affairs Offices, SBA offices, Vet Centers as well as to other organizations. Even if we help just one person per day it is most definitely worth the effort.

I prepare all correspondence, create all Certificates, flyers and other publications that are then distributed to posts or members.

Employees � Volunteers � I oversee the other office employee and any volunteers who come into National Headquarters to work on National projects. I also coordinate the use of outside volunteers such as the Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) for large projects.

I provide assistance to the National Commander on a daily basis with correspondence, travel plans, scheduling, installations of post officers, speech writing and any other area that may come up.

Michael T. Breighner
National Board Member
POW/MIA Issues



Earl Corell
National Board Member

  Born in 1948, the fourth of August, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Served in the United States Army from 1969 to 1971. 

I am Married, my wifes name is Sonja.

High School - Western Hills - 1968
BA - University of Cincinnati - 1979

Department Manager  Riemeler Lumber Co. 1974 -1984

Deputy Sheriff - Hamilton County Sheriff Department 1984 - present

  • 1980 formed first V.V.A. Chapter in the State of Ohio.
  • V.V.A. Chapter President 1982-1984
  • 1981 conceived the idea for Cincinnati, Ohio Vietnam Memorial dedicated in April 1984
  • 1986 Post Commander Ohio Post # 3 Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc.
  • 1987 to present National Board Member Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc.


John L. Matukewicz

(photo unavailable)

  Born Pottsville, PA November 23, 1947

Graduated Schuylkill Haven High School 1965

Enlisted in United States Navy 1965

Served with Naval Support Activity Danang Vietnam - June 1967 to June 1968

Honorable Discharge from the United States Navy - June 1968

Life Member VVnW Post 29 Pottsville, Pennsylvania

Volunteer and National Board Member since 1985

National Commander VVnW 1991 to 1994

Appointed to the board VVnW 1996

Member of American Legion Robert E. Baker Post  Schuylkill Haven, PA.

John Spadea
National Board Member

  I am a member of Post PA-61, dedicating my life to the worth of Vietnam Veterans.

I was born in Italy 1945

At the age of twelve, I came to America.

Drafted into the U.S. Army 1965

Served in Vietnam with Charlie Co. 2/28 "Big Red One" 1966 - 1967
Received a Bronze Star, and a letter of Commendation from my company commander.

Became a member of Post PA-61, which I helped to start 1989

Commander of Post PA-61 1990 - 1995, 1998 - 1999

Vice Commander of Post PA-61 1996-1997

Currently running for Post PA-61 Commander in the upcoming election.

Life member of the DAV and the VFW
Serving my second term as judge advocate with the VFW.
Member of the 28th Infantry Association.