Dedicated Line Accounts

Dedicated Line Accounts provide 24 hour a day, 7 day per week access to the Internet. Each account includes unlimited telephone support, and all the features of the SunLink Commercial Account, including domain name registration, web pages, and email services. SMTP and DNS services are included at no additional cost. On-site technical support is available for $100 per hour.

Dedicated line accounts are ideal for connecting office LANs to the Internet. Multiple addresses can be assigned to your site to provide Internet connectivity to all the workstations and servers on your LAN.

Analog Dedicated Line Accounts are available for $150 per month. There is no setup fee required. You are provided you a private phone number available for your unlimited use. The SunLink end of your circuit will connect to a USR Courier 33.6K V.34+ modem.

ISDN Dedicated Line Accounts are available for $195 per month (56/64Kbps) and $295 per month (112/128Kbps). There is no setup fee, and there are no minute-by-minute usage charges.

Our ISDN connections are achieved through multiple-port Ascend terminal adapters connected via a 10-Mbps LAN to our Internet routers. If your equipment is capable, we can provide both VJ and Stac compression for increased throughput at no additional charge. MPP (Multi-channel PPP) is also available, allowing you to combine multiple 64K B-channels for higher bandwidth.

Since the typical amount paid monthly to Bell Atlantic for a dedicated ISDN circuit is $100, your total monthly cost will be approximately $295 for a 64K connection, or $395 for a 128K connection.

Dedicated T-1 connections are also available.

Email [email protected] or call 717-286-5764 or Toll Free: 1-888-SUN-LNK-1 for additional information on dedicated Internet connection installation and monthly charges.

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