Dagger Challenge Rules


This course was designed to test the physical & mental skills of all participants. The eventís course will be announced to teams at the mandatory race briefing. The course will be cross-country, on trails, lakes, and cliffs. A variety of navigation methods will be used during the course.  Teams will be provided necessary materials at the race briefing and at points throughout the course.  These are the only maps that will be used. Racers must be proficient in standard map and compass techniques, the use of pace and azimuth, and terrain association. Passport control points (CPs) will be used to direct the flow of the event. Unless otherwise directed in the passport,  CPs will be passed through in consecutive order to be considered official finishers. There is a 100-yard rule in effect for all teams all the time unless otherwise noted.

Passport Control Checkpoints

A passport book will be issued to your team at the race start. The passport book will be carried throughout the event and will be signed, punched, dated and timed in by the CP captain. If your team loses the passport, your team will be disqualified. Specific CPís will have a maximum cut-off time to be revealed with other pertinent information during the briefing. If your team misses a CP the team may not backtrack to the missed CP. Failure to check into a missed CP will result in disqualification from the official rankings, (ex: teams missing 1 CP will be ranked with other teams missing 1 CP). Team members must travel and check into all CPís within 100 Yards of each other. To be officially ranked, teams must turn the passport in to the official timer upon finishing the race.

The only division in this race is a four-person open team consisting of assigned members of the represented battalion. Age and gender are not a consideration.  All members of each team will wear the assigned vest/clothing during the event with no obstruction to any numbers or logos existing on the article. Four people start, four finish. The clock does not stop until all four members of the team cross the finish line. No substitution will be allowed. Any team member or team that wishes to withdraw must do so at a CP and notify a race official as soon as possible, with the exception of injury.

Registration Process
  Each battalion is required to enter two teams.  Team rosters will be submitted in the attached format to the race director via email at [email protected].  Ensure a valid email address and/or phone number is provided.  Email will be the primary means of updates provided to racers.
  Team rosters are due NLT 21 March 03.
  Deviation from the team requirement is allowed with approval of the Brigade Commander and coordination with Race management up to a maximum total number of 20 teams.
  No substitutions after the start of the race

  Any team that is incomplete at a CP or at the end of the event will be an unofficial finisher. (Unranked)
  Sabotage, destruction of property or land, unsportsman like conduct by participants will result in disqualification 
Lost equipment will result in a 1-hour penalty.
  All trash, wrappers, water bottles etc. must be carried out or left at a CP.
  All members must wear helmets that are required for a specific discipline. Any member missing a helmet will be disqualified.
  Use of maps other than that provided by race management will result in disqualification.
  Teams will receive NO outside assistance during the conduct of  the race.  



In order to effectively train for this event, teams should focus on the following objectives:

q      25 mi Trek on varied terrain, off/on trail, at elevation with standard race load

q      15 mi Paddle on Class 1 water

q      8 mi run

q      Obtain On Belay and Rappel Certification with the Outdoor Recreation Center (Brigade will coordinate dates and payment, to be published at a later date)

It is recommended that Battalions allow teams to conduct independent PT in order to train to these objectives. Each competitor is solely responsible for his/her training preparation, ability to decide whether or not to start, continue and pull from the event. Each participant further agrees to abide by the medical staff or management with respect to continuing on. The Team Captain is responsible for his/her team and management will take into consideration his/her position. All participants, by entering this event, admit to adequate training and preparation in climbing, orienteering, running, hiking, canoeing and any other disciplines that may be required during an event of this sort.