Williamsport Area Computer Club

Constitution & Bylaws - Adopted September 10, 1996

ARTICLE I - The name of the organization shall be the "Williamsport Area Computer Club".

ARTICLE II - Purpose and Function

SECTION 1 - The purpose of the Williamsport Area Computer Club (referred to hereafter as "the Club") is to provide, through its activities, opportunities for people to share knowledge, experiences, and discussion of topics of interest to Club members and other local computer users. Also, to enhance member's knowledge of, and interest in, the Internet and World Wide Web, as well as software, hardware and sites related to it, and to promote educational and recreational aspects of computers in general.

SECTION 2 - The function of this organization is to:

A) Educate members in the use of computer software and hardware through holding club meetings, Internet home pages, BBS forums and postings, email lists, and IRC channel, etc.
B) Share problems and difficulties associated with computer and Internet use and seek solutions for such.
C) Provide a setting for computer & Internet related speakers.
D) Provide a forum for software & hardware evaluations to be presented.

ARTICLE III - Membership

A) Membership shall be open to any person having an interest in computers.
B) A person shall be in good standing providing dues are paid.
C) Dues shall be assessed at $ 12 per year for an individual, members 16 years of age and under, or 65 years and older, shall be assessed at the rate of 1/2 the regular dues and shall include all voting privileges.
D) Dues shall be paid on a yearly basis, commencing on January 1.
E) Members who join in a month other than January, shall have their dues prorated for the remaining months.

ARTICLE IV - Officers

SECTION 1 - Each November, the Club shall elect the following Officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. In addition, 2 people shall be chosen to audit the previous year's financial records.
SECTION 2 - The term of office shall be for one (1) year, starting in January.
SECTION 3 - Election of officers shall take place at a regular Club meeting. Elections shall be done by secret ballot.
SECTION 4 - All members of good standing (ARTICLE 3, SECTION 1, A, B) are considered eligible for any office.
SECTION 5 - The duties of the officers shall be as follows:
A) The President shall preside over Club meetings, supervise and organize the actions and duties of the other officers. The president shall have the right to appoint members to any standing committees as he deems necessary.
B) The Vice President shall be expected to help the President with his duties, specifically, the Vice president shall preside over Club meetings from which the President is absent.
C) The Treasurer shall be expected to collect dues, track membership, maintain accurate finance records, and conduct Club banking.Checks written shall be signed by the Treasurer and counter-signed by the President, or if the President is unavailable, the Secretary.
D) The Secretary shall be expected to keep records of Club meetings, compile meeting minutes, and conduct Club correspondence as directed.
SECTION 6 - When a person leaves office, they shall turn over everything in their possession, relative to the Office held, to their successor.

ARTICLE V - Meetings

SECTION 1 - The Club shall meet at least 6 times a year. Special meetings may be called when deemed necessary by the President or a majority vote of the those Club members present at a regular meeting but must be advertised to all members.
SECTION 2 - A simple majority of the members present and voting shall carry a motion, unless otherwise specified in this constitution.
SECTION 3 - All regular meetings are to be open to all members and interested persons.
SECTION 4 - Special meetings shall be open as determined by the nature and objectives of said meetings.
SECTION 5 - The presence of 7 voting members will constitute a quorum.

ARTICLE VI - Conduct of meetings

SECTION 1 - Good manners, conduct, and decency shall be expected from all persons attending a meeting. All persons present shall have the right to be heard.
SECTION 2 - The ordinary order of meetings shall be:
A) Call to order
B) Sign in
C) Reading and approval of minutes of previous meeting
D) Discussion of unfinished and new business
E) Meetings will progress at the discretion of the President
F) Adjournment

ARTICLE VII - Amendments

SECTION 1 - This constitution can be amended by 2/3 of the membership present at a regularly scheduled meeting.
SECTION 2 - Amendments must be presented at a regular meeting at least one month prior to the voting on said amendment. The complete text of the proposed amendment shall be made available to all members prior to the meeting at which the vote will take place.

ARTICLE VIII - Dissolution

SECTION 1 - In the event that this Club is no longer viable, all funds held by the Treasurer shall be used to:
A) Pay any outstanding debts of the Club
B) Remaining funds shall be donated to James V. Brown Library.

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