1. EDISON LIGHTHOUSE - LOVE GROWS WHERE MY ROSEMARY GOES ... From 1970, a one-hit wonder; just always liked it!

2. PAUL SIMON - KODACHROME ... From 1973, my favorite Paul Simon song. Family credits this song for turning me into a photography buff.

3. GUNHILL ROAD - BACK WHEN MY HAIR WAS SHORT ... Also from summer of '73, this novelty song was "real", reflecting an era in time. People actually lived it. It didn't do too well on the charts but, oh well!

4. WAR - SUMMER ... From Summer of 1976. When I first heard this song I said "WAR, no way!" It's a relaxing, refreshing "summer" song. Gets you in the mood, give it a listen!

5. ELTON JOHN & KIKI DEE - DON'T GO BREAKING MY HEART ... From July of 1976, my uncle worked at Bucknell University in Lewisburg and brought me a copy of this home from WVBU. I recognized Elton but who's this Kiki Dee? From the first time I played it I said "that's gonna be a hit!" Turned out #1 for 4 weeks and went golden. I also give this sonq my all time vote for best collaboration.

6. LOOKING GLASS - BRANDY ... From summer 1972, always loved Elliot Lurie 's voice.

7. AIR SUPPLY - LOST IN LOVE ... From March of '80, I know, I know, it didn't make l8 karat gold but it was in the top 10, and I liked it.

8. HOLLIES - LONG COOL WOMAN IN A BLACK DRESS ... Who didn't like this one? (charted 7/72) My mother even danced to this!

9. HAMILTON, JOE FRANK & REYNOLDS - DON'T PULL YOUR LOVE/FALLIN' IN LOVE ... I'm cheating here because I have both of these on a back-to-back hits 45 in my jukebox. From 1971 and 1975, I guess I got the best of both worlds on one precious piece of vinyl!

10. ALAN O'DAY - UNDERCOVER ANGEL ... Renown songwriter with his one hit. After it went gold, we never heard from him again.

11. BRENTON WOOD - GIMME LITTLE SIGN ... From September of 67, ( I was real young then) and I ran to the radio and turned up this song, so says Mom. Guess what Mom, I still do.

12. OUTSIDERS - TIME WON'T LET ME ... They're getting older, I'm getting younger!..? This one.was on the charts in March of 1966. Its just on hell of a good song.

13. J.D.SOUTHER - YOU'RE ONLY LONELY ... From late '77, I needed to catch my breath after the last two.

14. RASPBERRIES - GO ALL THE WAY ... On~the charts August 1972, this song caught your attention because of it's aggressive instrumentation! My mom thought it was hard rock.

15. ANDY KIM - ROCK ME GENTLY ... From the summer of '74 this guy had other recordings but this one probably is the most memorable. What a voice? Did you know Andy co-wrote "Sugar Sugar?"

16. LOGGINS & MESSINA - THINKING OF YOU/MY MUSIC ... Here we go again! Love those back-to-back-hits. Both of these however were from 1973. This Summer my mother was teaching me home canning and these songs were my salvation.

17. WHAM - WAKE ME UP BEFORE YOU GO GO ... From 1984, I always though George Michael was a hunk. As for the song, I just liked it.

18. BAY CITY ROLLERS - SATURDAY NIGHT ... What a nice welcome to winter back in 1975.

19.BROTHERS JOHNSON - STRAWBERRY LETTER #23 ... Yes there was such a song. My first real appreciation of R & B. Thanks boys!

20. STEVE FORBERT - ROMEO'S TUNE ... Late 1979, early 1980 song.