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To have a listing on this page you must be a member.  If you or a family member would have a need for this site please contact National HQ to see if you or your family member would qualify in the form of email or regular mail.  Please do not swamp them with unnecessary telephone calls.  If you are a non member, I am sure that any support you would bestow on these families of our members would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance for your support of these families and this page.

Brandon Hamm, 3 year old grandson of Post PA-75 member, Clark Hamm, was
diagnosed with a malignant tumor of the soft tissue of his leg. Brandon has begun chemotherapy recently. He will be receiving 42 treatments to try to shrink the tumor. During this time, he will need frequent blood transfusions and every three weeks he will need his kidney's flushed to remove the excess toxins from the chemotherapy. After all of this, he will undergo surgery to remove the tumor. If you are able and willing, please donate blood in Brandon's name. Also please add him to your individual church prayer groups and to your prayers. This little type needs our help and support. Cards may be mailed to Brandon, C/O Clark Hamm, 458 Wood Lane, Breinigsville, PA 18031.





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