Welcome to the Abvss


My name is Brian, and I bid thee welcome to my domain. Of all the places that the abyss is located, I have mastered this section here in NE Pennsylvania.

This section is to tell you a little about myself. I live in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area of NE Pennsylvania. I have a 'monster' of a son. He is a very rambunctious 5 year old.

My interests are based on 3 things:

My interest in the medevil times comes from my background. I have a strong celtic background, since most of my heritage comes from scotland. I enjoy listening to celtic music as well. My favorite musicians are 'Enya' and 'Clannad'.

I also love the fantasy side of the dark ages. Dragons, magic, wizards, knights and the rest. I am an avide AD&D player. I have been playing for about 14 years now. I have a great collection of dragon pics that someday I hope to add to my site for all to see.

My main interest in music lies with heavy metal/hard rock. The main groups that I listen to are 'Metallica' and 'Queensryche'. I have everything that either one of those groups have put out.

I do listen to other groups as well. Some fall into the alternative area and some in the new age area. The groups that i listen to include 'No Doubt' 'Ozzy' 'Alice in Chains' and 'Aerosmith' just to name a few. If I can get more room for my site on my ISP, then I will include some of the music for you to listen to.

Here are 2 links to some awesome midi sites that I have found in my wanderings around the internet:

Midi file central

Midi files

I also have a great interest in fantasy and sci-fi. As mentioned before, I love to play ad&d. I am a player as well as a DM (dungeon master). Included in this site is a section for those who do play to join in an on-line game that I will be hosting. Follow the 'gaming' link below to find out more.

My sci-fi interest lies with star wars and star trek. I have enjoyed Star Wars since I can remember. I think I was around 5 or so when it first came out. I have both the original movies and of course the special edition.

I guess you could also call me a trekkie. I grow up watching the original Star Trek tv shows (of course they were all reruns). I didn't get into next generation or deep space nine much, but I do like watching voyager.

As far as fantasy shows, I enjoy watching Xena. I think the show is intersting. Of course I like Renee O'connor (Gabby). I think she is much better looking than Lucy Lawless (Xena). On occasion, I also watch Hercules.

I have been online in IRC alot. I enjoy chatting with people from all over the world. I guess you could say that I am an IRC addict. The two clients I use are Pirch and Visual IRC '97. I don't hang out in one spot, I'm usually all over the different servers.

To learn more about IRC (Internet Relay Chat), visit my IRC page. There are listings there for the two clients that I use as well as links to other pages devoted to a certain clients.

That about covers it. Of course this page will be updated as I remember things that I might have left out.

Feel free to e-mail me your thoughts, ideas, and feedback whether it is good or bad. I'm open to suggestions on how to improve things on my site.


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