Medical information is critical to the understanding of child abuse and fatalities because of the unique nature of the injuries sustained by children (e.g., shaken baby syndrome). The following is a list of research and information sites on the Web related to medicine. Some sites may require registration, however, registration is free for most sites. A few sites offer free MEDLINE searches, an absolutely invaluable research tool.

The Links

General Medical Information

HealthGate-Free MEDLINE

MedScape-Free MEDLINE and full text articles



Family Medical Practice Online © Priory Lodge Education

AVICENNA: The Medical Information Supersite of the World Wide Web

International Health News

Trauma Information Pages

Multimedia Medical Reference Library

Understanding Brain Injury

Pediatric and Family Medicine Related Journal Sites

Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology

Archives of Diseases in Childhood

Pediatric Clinics

Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine

The Pediatric Bulletin

The Journal of Family Practice


New England Journal of Medicine Online

QJM Monthly Journal of the Association of Physicians

Other Pertinent Journal Sites

Archives of Neurology

Archives of Surgery

Journal of Emergency Medicine


WWW Journal of Biology


The Whole Brain Atlas

The Visible Human