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As a layman, seminary graduate, and Bible teacher, I've chosen to list books through Amazon.com because of the difficulty of obtaining good quality, doctrinally sound, instructional books on the Christian Faith. I have personally reviewed these books, and have labored to find the 'best' book on particular topics for my own use in preparing adult Bible classes at our local church. Yes, I do receive a commission on books bought through this site. However, I sincerely believe you will find books here not available locally and at a substantial discount.

Books used at the free Disciples' Institute of Biblical Studies are indicated with "DIBS" next to them. Some of these books have free study guides that may be downloaded from other parts of BrRon's Bible Corner. The only costs associated with DIBS are the purchase of books (from any source) and of corresponding via e-mail or snail mail.

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Three First Choices

Subject Book Data Short Comments
DIBS Bible Survey BUY The Daily Bible in Chronological Order (New International Version) for $15.99 (List $19.99)
commentary by F. LaGard Smith
ISBN 0890817596
Soft Cover, 1713 pages
This Bible is arranged chronologically, with sections of chapters from the different Bible books all put in order as they happened. A narrative commentary ties the sections together. It is designed for a one-year read through, using the modern New International Version as the basis.
DIBS Bible Survey BUY Talk Thru the Bible for $20.99 (List 29.99)
Bruce Wilkinson and Kenneth Boa
ISBN 0840752865
Hard Back, 521 pages
From the Talk Thru the Bible folks, this book will help you to get a good grasp of any or all books of the Bible. Each Bible book has a chart showing several ways of looking at the book's organzation, introductory information on the purpose, author, background, and how the book fits in to the Bible as a whole. Everyone will profit from using this book along with regular Bible reading. It is generally easier to understand than introductions in commentaries or study Bibles.
Doctrine BUY Know What You Believe for $7.99 (List $9.99)
by Paul E. Little
ISBN 0896930459
Soft Cover, 139 pages
A great first book to read on the beliefs of born-again Christians. Using the New International Version of the Bible, Mr. Little shows where these beliefs are found in the Bible. The book avoids beliefs distinctive to any particular Church or denomination, and is geared for ALL believers.
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