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Tips on posting your VA Claim

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I have been looking at the claim and support statements of claims and basic information as to what Veterans need to do.

You hear allot of different stories about what you can do and not do so let make the record straight.

First Everyone should get a cc copy of your MMF FILE that is your Military Medical File from the branch of service you were in and all medical things done while in service. The trips to the doctor, the shots,the complaints,and things you told doctors in the service.

READ EVERY PART OF IT from START TO END. Write down things you saw the doctors for. MAKE CLAIMS ON EVERYTHING IN YOUR FILE with the VA and your service reps, and NSO's.

I have also found out that there are some Service organizations that will and have not had any formal training and WILL NOT DO TRAINING AND LET VETS FALL THROUGH THE CRACKS cause of BAD and no good NSO's that re in certain groups. Respected organizations are Veterans who have had training and will fight for everything in your FILE.

Some people think a VA FORM 21-4138 is a initial claim form its not all that form is for us is a statement to support a claim you might have in your files.

Something I have found out recently,is that MANY VETERANS have things they saw doctors about while in service, and never ever say anything to their doctors at the VA for example

Lets say you saw a doctor while in the service for KNEE PROBLEMS and damage. File a Claim or see your primary doctor,and ask for a MRI, tell them you have knee damage PERIOD. Everything you say goes into the medical file and rating system. Lets say you have knee damage for instance and its giving you problems, do not say OH I FEEL GOOD, tell the doctor what your problems are they can not read your mind. Be straight up and front with them too do not make up things. For Instance I had knee problems , but lost my vision where I could not read my MMF FILE The DAV REP I have found them for me and made claims on it since it was service connection problems.

I saw the doctors in the service,and had to be transported to the Base Hospital, when i feel on a slippery Barracks floor that had been waxed. I was put on crutches and had to be put on pain medications and my knees were swollen like base balls, and told the doctor in the base hospital I had damaged knees.I had eye problems while in the service too and got a 30 per cent rating. I had ear infections all the time and was on all kinds of antibiotics for the infections. SINCE THE SERVICE---- > I had all kinds of problems with my knees,and ear infections,loss of hearing Tinnitis,and other things. When I saw the Doctor I SAID DOC- I have bad knees and they pop in and out of joint and swell up badly and can not walk,and that I had knee surgery,in 1987 on my left knee and the right knee is now bad and the left knee is giving me fits. As to pain level I said its over a 10. I told the doctor that my knee pops in and out of joint and have massive trauma damage and need operations. THE DAV REP JIM ROOS ALSO concurred too that I had Bilateral knee damage and did I have problems with my knees I said yes indeed and said I had knee surgeries and needed more since coming out of the Military.

When I was in the VBA HEARING the JUDGE Mr. Strickler from Washington DC went all through my files he has a photographic memory and all the questions he asked me about my MMF he already knew by heart, he just wanted to see if I was going to Lie or tell the truth. I told him everything, and did not leave out one thing.

The VSO JIM ROOS--- > said to the JUDGE too that he had gone through my MMF and found I had service connection problems, with knees eyes and ears, and that he wanted to get me higher ratings, The Judge Concurred and both men did the forms to do not only COMP AND PEN, BUT get me to the right doctors and tests.

My New Comp and Pen for the eyes, that was done by the VA General Council and Federal Judge Strickler, had me go to the Houston Eye Associates, The doctor did all kinds of test from eye charts to Snellin tests to the ansular grids and other things while were abnormal. I got a huge 2 page letter where this doctor changed the USAF Bilateral perpetual retinopathy to Macular Degeneration due to the changes in my central vision which all tests showed. The doctor BLASTED THE USAF for not doing any studies or tests to find out what was wrong with my eyes and why they gave me steroids in the first place except to slow down the disease so they could get me out of the service. The same Comp and Pension doctor then BLASTED THE WHOLE VA SYSTEM for never getting me into the eye clinics and doing any tests either. The doctor told the VA that they had let me fall through the cracks for over 28 years,and that the Military had taken me with BORN DISEASES, and should have never taken me at all. NOW THEY HAVE TO PAY....

I was done a total disservice from start of the Military till now.

THE DAV REP did the papers for me to get 2 MRI's done on my knees since it was service connected in my MMF and also to get orthopedic on my knees too. The MRI's were done and show massive knee damage and the doctor in the Orthopedic Clinic, was sitting there with his mouth hung open saying to me why why why ,did no one ever get me in the clinic when i got out of service. I said doctor you have to go to the Administration of this hospital to the legal council,and the top man and ask him that question and then also ask them to pull up every 21-4138 statement where i have claimed these things for years and why the VA never went into my records and uncover the Scandal that has been going on on me for years and years.

As to service connections when i saw the VET REP last year he was going to get me new ratings that were already on the va system.

My eyes were going to go from 30 per cent to 50 per cent. The old MRI damage done in 1995 30 per cent Ear infections loss of hearing and tinnitis I claimed another 30 per cent.

Since then after having comp and pen done the eye specialists says to the va eyes-100 per cent due to legal blindness knees by old and new MRI's and previous knee surgeries 50 per cent Hearing loss 40 per cent and titinnitis 20 per cent since it is organ damage in the ears from the antibiotics and stopped up ear canals.

NOW NEW INFORMATION I KNOW ABOUT HERE SO LISTEN UP---- > A lady I used to date her husband went into the VA for cancer surgery, She told me QUOTE when you go into the VA TO GET SURGERY there is no waiting for your MONEY FOLKS. Under the rules and law if a service Veteran goes into the hospital for any service connection surgeries, you get a year back pay and the service connection 100 per cent for at least 6 months. That is automatic if you read CFR-38. The doctors can always extend the months to 12-24-38 as long as they want it too.Its left up to the doctor. CFR 38 also says if surgery is done and there is still going to be a disability due to the length of damage you will get the money anyway. The man that had surgery came out of the va and Barbara told me as soon as he got home his check started,and his back pay came in and they even got him all kinds of aids and attendance too. The doctors file forms for you and the DAV and NSO REPS when you go into the hospital.

I already sent my REP A letter about this and already got my answer back as soon as I have surgery, they will come up get the file and go right to the Auditors ,and get it approved BY PASSING THE REVIEW BOARD PERIOD.

Also after my knee surgery I have to have Cataract surgery too and retina surgery, which are also connected to my eye problems, so that is also service connection.

When I had my first surgery on my left knee back in 1987, i was on total absence from the Fire Dept for 36 months due to having to learn how to walk again, and rebuild my knee and thighs. This type of surgery takes many moths to heal due to the damage in the knee and operation after affects. And will have to be done again in the next moth when the orthopedic doctor sees me in June, for pre-op. This time the surgery will be more extensive from rebuilding the knee to knee replacement to Orthoscopic surgery.

If you veterans have problems let the people know about it and get on with what needs to be done. Do Not sit back and say the people do not do anything you have to get off your rears and do it and go for it.



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