What is a MUD?

A MUD (Multi-User Dimension, Multi-User Dungeon, or Multi-User Dialogue) is a computer program which a user logs into and explores an imaginary "world". Each user creates and controls a computerized persona/avatar/incarnation/character. You can walk around, chat with other characters, explore dangerous monster-infested areas and solve puzzles. It is easy to get lost or confused if you jump right in, so read this info before starting, and always read each individual MUDs' rules before playing.

If you are new to MUDding, it can sometimes be very daunting. There are many choices for character creation, newbies aren't always treated very kindly (depending on the MUD(s) you frequent), every MUD is different and you have to choose how to connect :-). Part of the purpose of this page is to provide basic information to get you off to a positive start right off.

Character Creation:

The Basics of Being a NEWBIE:

Dealing with the myriads of MUDs: Listed below are different types and links that list more about each type. Our aim with this page is to offer a basic introduction on how to get started. Different ones appeal to different types of people, and you are not limited to MUDding on one type. Try them all! You will find astounding variety!

Beyond the Basics: After basics comes the advanced, which includes becoming an IMM, the possibility of creating your very own rooms, descriptions and items, and wanting to run your own mud.

Additional sources of information - Since this page is not intended (and may not be capable) of answering every question a wouldbe MUDder might have, we offer a select list of information sources designed to do just that! ;-)

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