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The only listings on this page will be Veterans searching for Veterans. Nothing more nothing less.  We owe a page just for this cause.  So many veterans search the web only to find nothing in their search or a site that wants to charge you for this information.  On this site it will be totally free.  To begin with you must contact the webmaster to have your listing displayed on this site.  If there is an overwhelming response to this it will become a searchable database.  It does not matter what type of service you had, (ie: peacetime, era, combat, or what war or conflict you may have served in.)  This is for all Veterans of the U.S. and its allies.

Information needed to post a Find-A-Vet message:

First Name,  Last Name,  Middle Initial,  Nickname
Branch of Service,   Unit, Years of service:

Looking for (name and/or nickname), to include where you served with this individual
Email Address:  Be sure it is your email address and not your screen name.  Any invalid email address will cause your posting to be discarded. Email this information to [email protected]

You may also try using the Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc. "Find-A-Vet form" which will search the database of Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc. National Headquarters. This is a snail mail form. We do request a donation for this search.

Find-A-Vet Postings

My name is David L Meyer and I served in Viet Nam in1966-1967. My unit was the 29th finance and then changed to the 91st. I am looking for anyone who served in my unit. My email address is [email protected] I look forward to hearing from anyof these soldiers. My rank was spec. 5. David L Meyer

Looking for anyone who served with my father, RICHARD E. SLAVEN SR. in Vietnam.  He was with B Company, Ambush Team 75 from 1 Dec 1968 to 29 March 69, when he was killed in action.  His squad consisted of SP4 Cressman, PFC Larry Holton and PF Interpreter CPL Lee VanMuon....  He was in Bien  Hoa when he was killed.  I turned 4 yrs old the day his body arrived home, so needless to say, my birthday doesn't hold good memories.  I joined the service as soon as I was able ( 17 yrs old) and served 14 yrs in the US Army Reserves, all because of my father.  I would desperately love to talk to anyone who knew or served with my father....  Thanks to all  [email protected]  

Im Jesse Cabral, served in Vietnam Jan. 69 Jan. 70. Co. A, 4th Bn, 9th Inf, 25th Inf Div. Manchu's. Trying to locate Vets who serve with me during that time. Need information. I love hear from all you guys!! GOD BLESS YOU All. Jesse [email protected]

Wickem W. Large, USMC, PLT 2038 1967-1969 [email protected] looking for
Weldon D. Skeltom USMC, PLT 2038 1967-1969

I am looking for Chester F. Godlewski, Don Haddock, Jed Martin, Benny Fortner, Bill Rosetto, Terry Leach, Robert Swank. These men all served with me between '68 and '72 in Nam. I am Doug (Sgt. Dee) Jorgenson. I would love to hear from them. Please e-mail me at     [email protected]

Elliott D. Anderson  (Andy) USMC  10 Jan 1966 - !0 Jan 1970 Boot camp platoon 213 AE'A' school - Jacksonville, FL VMA(AW)-225 Cherry Point, NC VMA(AW)-242 Danang, RVN Oct 1967 - Jun 1969 VMA(AW)-202 Cherry Point, NC MOS 6244 Rank at discharge Sgt (E-5) Looking for any who served with me, particularly in Nam. E-mail  [email protected]

I am looking for a man named Paul F. Gates.We were Marines in Vietnam.We were the 81s FO(forward observer) team with C CO.1st.Bat.26th MAR.on 06/28/68 when the tank we were riding on hit a mine and I was wounded and sent home.Actually,we were officially listed on the rolls of H&S CO.1st.Bat.26th MAR.3rd MAR.DIV. J.THOMAS DILBERGER [email protected]

DELMAR L. HARRIS,  nickname - HARRY, I served in the U.S. Army from February 1964 to December 1969.  I took basic in Fort Polk, LA, AIT in Fort Ord, CA, served in the 8th, 9th, 523d Field Hospitals in Nha Trang, RVN from July 1964 to July 1967, Fitzsimons General Hospital in Denver, CO from Aug 1967 to March 1969, and the 7th Field Hospital in Camp Oji, Japan from March 1969 to December 1969.
I am looking for:  BILLY ROBBINS, HIRAM WHITTINGTON, PAUL DILMORE, JOHN CARR (nickname - Mother Bear), Charles Barber (nickname - Chas), Keith Brunzell (nickname - Brunzy) Charles Sides (nickname - Charlie), ?? QUINN (nickname - Whats Happening) all of which served in the 8th Field, 9th Field, or 523d Field Hospitals between 1964 and 1967. EMail address:  [email protected]

john evans us navy 1967 -1971 e 5  corpsman .can you find this fellow ? [email protected]

Dale Inman USMC Kilo company Vietnam 1966  Hump was hit durring Operation Hastings July 18 or 19. He was from Wyoming.  Anyone knowing him please contact me at [email protected].  SEMPER FI !!

Joseph Contino 1st Marine Div. 3 rd 8" Howitzers looking for any one from that unit. I was a 2144 self propelled artillery mechanic///e mail address [email protected]

Fred R. Russell, US Army Vietnam 2/67 - 2/68 with 9th Finance. Looking for buddies last names of Kent from Wyoming ? and Kunkle from Michigan. My e-mail addy: [email protected]

Ronald W. Groshong Army  Signal Corp   1966-1969. Looking for Julian R. Deck "Jules";  1967-68  Ban Me Thuot, 362nd Signal Corp - email:   [email protected]

Looking for old buddies who served with me in nam. I was in A Co. 361st Signal Batt. in Nha Trang from 8-1-70 to 8-1-71. My nickmane is Fatman - Stephen Price [email protected]

My name is Larry Walters II, and I am doing this posting for my father, Larry R. Walters. He served with Mike 3/5 and India 3/26 USMC in 1968-1969. We are both members of Post PA-51, and are looking for his guys from Nam. I have set up this homepage for more info.:  DO YOU KNOW THESE MARINES?  e-mail [email protected].

SFC Richard Bunyan, USArmy Aug-56-Sep-74. Korean War 51-52 USAF, Veitnam
67-68  Looking for: Robert E. Lee. Scott, SFC, lost contact in 66, Military Policeman.
Richard Bunyan [email protected]

Looking for Richard J. Hall (RJ) 1973-1977 - USMC Last Know Duty Station  PISC Drill Instructor [email protected] Semper Fi Allen H

My father was in the 515 Transportation Division of the Army in Vietnam from April of 1967 to April of 1969.  Are there any other veterans out there that served with him?  We are interested in any reunion, any type of anything regarding this.  Please contact me at [email protected]

Looking for members of A company, 1st Battalion, 4th Infantry Division, 1964-1968, left from Fort Lewis Washington to RVN in 66. [email protected]  A.C. Hart

My name is Larry K. Turner nickname Keith. I am from Arkansas. I served in the Army-133rd Ordinance--in 1966 and 1967. I am searching for Darrell Carney from Calhoun,GA and Jimmy Worsham from Memphis,TN [email protected]

I am looking for  Robert Clark or Clarke , nick name  Clarke .he was in  the United States Army  and did  basic training Zulu company at  fort Dix New Jersey from July 1966 to Sept. 1966 . 

We lost contact after that. I know we rode the bus together from  Newton New Jersey . I have been looking for him  a long time and would appreciate  your help.   I am  Robert Crane  email [email protected]

Looking for: Thomas Tom M. Scobie, , Jan 66 - Dec 69, basic together, ft leonard wood, Mo, he served 2 and half tours RVN, various units, last saw him at Ft devens Mass fall/winter of 68 when he was teaching at the rvn school there.  Home town was Detroit, Mi. -  Mike Henson, ra168849620, sp5, usasa fld station, 509th rrgp phu bai rvn [email protected]

John M Broderick  Air Force...20 Years of service...I served with this man at Laredo Air Force Base in Texas...Retired in Lousville, KY If u have any info any this man please email me back ASAP Bobby Spradlin (ATC Air Command) [email protected]

CSM (Ret) Charles M. Monson (Charlie), US Army, Joint Communications Support Element (JCSE) 1980-1983 & 1987-1989.  Searching forSFC Larry G. Kent, US Army, Assigned to The Joint Communications Support Element (JCSE) MacDill AFB, FL 1980-1983. Later commissioned to Warrant officer and assigned to Alaska.  Contact: [email protected]

Looking for: Spec4 Irvin (Hawk) Hawkins, US ARMY, 1st Bat, 44th Artillery, served in Vietnam in 1967.  Last know address; 3500 Sedgemoore Rd., Baltimore, MD
21207. [email protected] 

Looking for a Michael B Calder -  Served with the 569th Topographic Engs. Nha Trang, Viet Nam from May, 1967 - May, 1968. He is presently living in Livermore. California. Telephone number unlisted.  Could you either find for me or contact Mike that a Jimmy "SKI" Celovsky is looking for him. My e-mail address is [email protected] .

Jimmy Clay C.- USMC     Kilo 3/7 1968-1969 -- Looking for Rene Sepulveda. Sepe and I were both with Kilo 3/7 from Dec of 67 to Jan of 69. [email protected]

My name is Andrew Meli & my nickname was 'Wop" I'm looking for two buddies of mine both were in the same place and time.Our last ranks were  E-4 & M.O.S. was 16-R (Vulcan Tanker) Richard Jennies, nickname was "Grand Pa" & Richard Torries - nickname "Poncho"  We were station at Fort Carson CO.early 1973-1975 in the Army and the address was 1st Platoon B btry 4th/61st A.D.A.  My E-mail address is [email protected] Please hurry for health reasons and thank you very much.

My name is Woolery, B. Steven, USN, 4 years, I am looking for information regarding my father while he was in Vietnam (ie. web sites would be helpful as well if there are any). Unfortunately, he passed away in Dec. of 1989 following a battle with Lou
Gehrig's disease. [email protected]

Looking for Sgt. Donald Schaffer U.S. Air Force. We were assigned to the 14th
Aerial Port Squadron Cam Ranh Bay,Vietnam, Oct.1966 to Oct. 1967. If you was
there Contact me Sgt. Bobbie Baker   E-mail [email protected]

 Looking for Captain Jerrell T. Fricker, USMC, Commanding Officer, E 2/7, June - July, 1968. Contact Jimmy Clendennen at [email protected] 

I am looking for some one who might have known my father.He was Reginald W. Plummer, he served in Vietnam from 1960 to 1969. He served the most with the 319th Artillery,Battery C' 3d Battalion (105mm Towed). He was a E6 Staff Sergeant. I am his daughter. Any information would be helpful. My e-mail address [email protected]

Trying to locate Master Sgt.or Gunnery Sgt.  retired USMC  Marvin (Mitch) Mitchell last duty station was Jacksonville, NC. New River Air Station. Retired in the late 80's.  Last known address was Rigby, Idaho.  May be in Colorado however can not find. Please search and find if possible. Joe and Polly Bouch email address [email protected]

James Bruce, J. Sergeant Jimmy Army,4th div. 1/10 Cav. 1970   Army,4th div. 1/10 Cav. 1970  [email protected]

My name is Raymond Louis Bunting, Sargent USMC SSD. I am looking for Lt. James Robert Nolan Last seen Saigon 1973. E Mail [email protected]

Al Kyser Helicopter pilot with the 179th Aviation Company Lt. Col. in Nam - Quintin San Nicholas Chargualaf Spec 4 with the 179th Aviation Company in Nam [email protected]

Wayne P. K. Waterman - USMC   Bco. 1/26   68/69 - Trying to locate William A. Johnson USMC 68/69 C co.  1/26 [email protected]

I am searching for a friend of mine.  Both of us were drafted in the early 1960's, both from California.  My name is Ronald B. Julian US 56701333 and the friend's name is Charles or Charlie Smith and I believe maybe a middle initial of S or a middle name of Scott.  He served in the U.S. Army.  His home state is Ohio, from  either Akron or Cuyahoga Falls.  Thanks.  I hope you can help me as I need to contact this person. 
Ron Julian

Gary Hamel: United States Air Force -- Email: [email protected]

Robert L. Foote: I was in the First Aviation Btl. , Company  B , First Infinity Div. from July 1966  to July 1967. I am writing in hopes of finding my company commander .  His name is Dale E. Dobson .  He was a Major at the time that I left. Email  [email protected]

Harold Schuette R.: 1st Cavalry 15th TC 1967-1970 Bill Backman Served in Da Nang
Email: [email protected]

Wayne Waterman: Still trying to locate a William A. Johnson served with him in RVN 68-69 we both came from Hawaii I was in B co. 1/26 he was with Cco.1/26. Email:  [email protected]



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