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Attention, educators, students and those interested in actual stories and accounts since Vietnam, this link is for you!

Although these linked sites are an excellent educational tool, we encourage you the educator, to view these sites prior to allowing your students the same opportunity, due to the language that may or may not appear in personal accounts.


Here they are below!

War Letters
Letters home from soldiers at war

Vietnam  War-Records By John Kolsun

Teach Vietnam vietnam2.gif (1167 bytes) if you want to learn about or teach Vietnam Check it out! INTERACTIVE SITE

A must see for students by: Peter Leuhusen

Lee Benjamin's "Vietnam War History Page

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Secrets of War - http://www.secretsofwar.com
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National Park Service Museum Resource Center

Museum Resource Center - CHECK IT OUT!

This site contains information on what happens to the articles left at the "WALL".

'NamTales, by Dave Blackledge - Interesting or funny stories or poems about the weather, insects, animals, friends, etc during Vietnam war tours. Not combat or depressing type stories...not to downplay our combat actions, but the page is for remembering the few good times, or interesting things you learned while serving in Vietnam.

Poetry and Stories
from: V. V. A.
Lompoc Valley Chapter 743

RE: Stories since Vietnam A MUST SEE!!!

 The Vietnam War History Page

Vietnam: Yesterday and Today
- Sandra M. Wittman - Professor, Library Services -
Oakton Community College
Skokie, Illinois

Vietnam Veterans
(Who are they - Who did they become - Who are they now)

Vietnam Veterans' War Stories

Vietnam War Combat Art by Jim Pollock in the U. S. Army Center of Military History (CMH) War Art Collection. Also includes non war paintings, drawings, combat art documents and news articles. http://members.aol.com/jimm844224/vietart1.html 

WARNING: The files on "The Radio First Termer", contain strong language that some listeners may find offensive. Listener discretion is advised.

This site is presented only for its historical value and nothing more!

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