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We are about to undertake a different approach on this page!  The only listings on this page will be Veterans searching for Veterans. Nothing more nothing less.  We owe a page just for this cause.  So many veterans search the web only to find nothing in their search or a site that wants to charge you for this information.  On this site it will be totally free.  To begin with you must contact the webmaster to have your listing displayed on this site.  If there is an overwhelming response to this it will become a searchable database.  It does not matter what type of service you had, (ie: peacetime, era, combat, or what war or conflict you may have served in.)  This is for all Veterans of the U.S. and its allies.

Information needed to post a Find-A-Vet message:

First Name,  Last Name,  Middle Initial,  Nickname
Branch of Service,   Unit, Years of service:

Looking for (name and/or nickname), to include where you served with this individual
Email Address:  Be sure it is your email address and not your screen name.  Any invalid email address will cause your posting to be discarded. Email this information to [email protected]

You may also try using the Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc. "Find-A-Vet form which will search the database of Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc. National Headquarters. This is a snail mail form. We do request a donation for this search.


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