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Veteran in Conflict with the Law Program
A program of Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc.


Herbert Hennen Phone:  614-228-6788
National Director of Incarcerated Progam Fax:      614-221-6787
Post Office Box 23129 Email: [email protected]
Columbus, OH  43223-1000 Phone: 1800-843-8626
Robert Miller Phone:  614-228-6788
National Executive Director Fax:      614-221-6787
Veterans in Conflict with the Law Program Email: [email protected]
Post Office Box 23129 Phone: 1800-843-8626
Columbus, OH  43223-1000

Dear Reader,

Incarcerated Veterans Programs works on three things, First, Communication by any means. Second, a means to exchange ideas with outside legislation and other Veterans groups, working with existing networks to make a National voice! Third, so the inside and outside Veteran knows someone cares about their plight. The U.S. now is number one in the race of criminalization. It is said that 1 in 5 Americans have been in Jail, Prison, on probation or parole. Of these, 35% are Veterans; many end up homeless and/or on some type of drugs. That is where Conflict with the Law works.

We in no way will we feel sorry for the man that will not take responsibility for his Veteran Community. We are a group who works for our fellow Veterans needs and when we can, their dreams. We offer hope and a better feeling of self-worth. The mental health programs are needed more and more from Department of Veterans Affairs.

Our mission is to start Veterans Groups inside the prisons (with the permission of each Warden) so the residents can work together to help each other with normal Department of Veterans Affairs paperwork. We depend on outside Veterans Groups, County VSOíS, State Veterans offices and DVA. All of these offices have been a great help. The mental health section of the VA is growing to include many things.

As an inmate it costs nothing to join VVnW. There are no dues until release then itís only $20.00 a year. At no time do you have to belong to our group to get assistance. Upon receipt of your DD214 and application we will send you a membership card and our quarterly newsletter twice a year, the Incarcerated Leader.


You have to remember that many of these men & women are first time offenders and even the long term inmates are being released in large numbers and are moving back to our communities. If we fall short in helping them, recidivism is guaranteed! Many do not have a place to go and become homeless. They live and die on the streets and riverbanks with no one to offer hope. WE DO!

As a International Veterans Group there are certain things we cannot do. We will not help anyone with a criminal suit, get out of prison, write letters to officials, find a place for parole or print other inmates addresses in our newsletter. We do not have the funds.

Please remember, A Veteran is a Veteran no matter what! We did not ask for a background check in the war when we trusted the guy next to us, the same should still apply now.

We work with Citizens United for Rehabilitation of Errants (CURE), Prison Fellowship, the Coalition of the Homeless and other groups to try to meet the needs of our brothers and sisters in Conflict with the Law.

Herbert Hennen
National Facilitator

"An organization succeeds, not because it is long-established,
but because there are people in it who live it, sleep it, dream it,
and build future plans for it."

Copyright 2002 Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc.