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 Military Support Packages

Read "Thank You" letters from our Military Troops!

Do you have a member of your family (direct or extended) serving their country in the Military throughout the world? Then let us know their name and address so that we, The Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc. can send them a Military Support Package.

This package contains many items to give comfort and inform the serving military personnel that we fully support them.

We at the Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc. believe in our service personnel and their mission. We believe OUR support for them is paramount to their emotional well-being. They need to know that their family, their friends, their community and their countrymen support them. Their job is tough enough and if we can give them a little comfort and all of our support - then we have achieved our aim.

Let us all show your support for our Troops fighting the War Against Terrorism and any other Conflict or Peacekeeping. Display a "Support our Veterans" Sticker on your Home, Office or Vehicle.

Send us the name and address of the serving member so we can send Military Support Packages or Send a donation in support of our Troops so that we can fund more
Military Support Packages or send such things as:


Bags of candy - M & Ms, individually wrapped mints, fruit flavored
hard candies - anything that will not melt

Writing Tablets
Letters of Support from you!

Paperback Books
Current Magazines
Current Magazines
Crossword Books
Hard Candy
Seasonal Candy
Tic Tac's
Noodles Ramen (all flavors)
Beef Jerky
Playing Cards

Soap                        Help put a smile on a military persons face today!
Disposable Razors
Toothbrushes & Toothpaste
Hand lotion
(Travel Packs)
Personal Hygiene Items (Female Soldiers)

You may send these items to:
                                           Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc.
                                            805 South Township Blvd.
                                            Pittston, PA 18640

We Thank you in advance for your caring and support!

Read "Thank You" letters from our Military Troops!

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